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Coach Allen and the methods employed by his coaching system have helped me to focus and concentrate on my business.  The process structures me to take time to look at my business and where I want it to go.  We all say we want to do that, but somehow we never make or get the time.

With the Strategic Planner, I was able to identify my short and long term goals and work on a path to achieve them.  It also helped me to identify the obstacles and clutter that might be in the way of achieving those goals and come up with a way to minimize or eliminate them.  Having the written reminder of my goals and plan of action was very reinforcing.

Thank you Coach Allen!

Vicki Borror - Owner
Quality Accounting Solutions

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I have attended several coach training classes and therefore feel I am well qualified to make the following observations:

Coach Allen speaks from the heart.  He believes in the Growth Coach® philosophies and communicates each and every principal with clarity and specific examples, all of which adds to student understanding.  He is able to create an atmosphere of comfort for each of his students which allow them to gain insight and understanding about growth principals.  I have found his discussions about daily “clutter” (wasted time and task priorities) have opened my eyes to a rich source of valuable time and wasted efforts.  Coach Allen brings to the table a wealth of successful experiences all of which have helped him arrive at his purpose in life, helping people achieve their goals and dreams.  I believe any time you spend with Coach Allen will make you a better person, one who can set goals and implement plans to achieve them.  God has truly blessed this man with skills and talents that have improved his community and all who come in contact with him.

James W Clutter
Independent Business Owner

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I adore my Coach Al.  In the short time that we have been working together, he has been instrumental in helping me identify & articulate my long term goals for my business, helped me see where my skills are better utilized and helped me realize that I needed to focus on the “bigger picture” , more strategic ideas to grow my business.  I am not the easiest student in the world, I am sure.  But I do have a better idea about what I need to do to take my business to the next level.

Katie Elrod – Owner

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I would highly recommend using the services of Coach Allen if you are a small business owner who is looking to improve your productivity. Since starting the program I have been able to step back and effectively look at my business due to the Strategic Mindset® Program. This has allowed me to effectively evaluate our processes and to fine tune our procedures to allow our company to work smarter, not harder. If you are looking to grow your business strategically, Coach Allen is the missing tool you need.

Tim Hershberger
President, Image Excellence

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As a business owner, the buck stops with me.  Unfortunately that means that I do not have someone overseeing my goals and holding me accountable.  Lately, Coach Allen has been that guy for me.  He has taught me how to break down my goals into workable steps and he keeps me accountable for implementing those steps.  His coaching process has also taught me ways to avoid wasting time on the unimportant tasks that can consume small business owners and to structure my day in such a way that I am more productive.  I appreciate the help that Coach Allen has provided and I look forward to continuing together in the future.   

Dr. Jerry Kennedy, DC
Upper Cervical Health Centers of America

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Coaching Services

It is necessary to follow the proper instructions in order to build a solid organization. Coach Allen always fosters an atmosphere that is non-threatening and supportive while at the same time being challenging. He holds me accountable, but doesn't belittle me if I fall short of the mark. He's very patient, very knowledgeable, and very supportive. I so very much appreciate that!

Chef Cari Schaeffer – Owner
Dinner at Your Door PCS

Talent Management - Job Matching

Phase 1: Setup Phase - The whole job matching process was very tough mentally, but exceptionally helpful. The colleagues that Coach Allen brought on board for this process were 'heavy weights' in their respective fields and to say they are invaluable would be diminishing them greatly! They are AWESOME! Phase 1 provided the groundwork for me to begin my journey to bring other people into my business.
Phase 2: Key Accountabilities Phase - This step was the most mentally draining and exhausting experience of all. I walked away empty, tired, and very satisfied. It was an intense session that was made very fruitful because of Coach Allen and his colleagues. They listened to me, provided much needed feedback every step of the way, challenged me when necessary, and encouraged me, too. They ensured that what they were hearing was what I was actually saying. I walked in not knowing how this was going to work and walked out amazed at how well it did work!
Phase 3: Assessment Phase - This step was relatively painless and yet helped to clarify what the job really needed and how best to fill the position in with the person that fit the best. It will save me innumerable dollars and hours by eliminating the 'let's hire them and hope they work out' approach that most businesses fall back on. I fully expect the person I hire into the created position to be the right fit for the right job at the right time simply because of this process.
Phase 4: Results Phase- WONDERFUL is the only word that comes to mind here. It eliminates all the guesswork from the hiring process. Coach Allen took the DISC assessments from the potential candidates I was considering, matched them with the information provided about the job in Phase 3, and voila! The right candidate rose to the top! Piece of cake, thanks to Coach Allen!
Chef Cari Schaeffer – Owner
Dinner at Your Door PCS

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Having known Coach Allen for some time now, and being over a third of the way through the Strategic Growth Coach Process myself, I am proud to acknowledge that I have benefited greatly from program offered by the Growth Coach Process.  I am also humbled to admit that I still have progress to make.

Fortunately for me, my Growth Coach is Coach Allen Dorsey, Jr.  My experience with him both as my coach and as a business associate has shown him to be a man who brings extraordinary integrity to everything he does.  His commitment to the idea that his success is intrinsically linked to his client’s success is self evident.

Not only is he my Business Coach, he has inspired me to rethink the very reason I am in business!

Mark A. Bearth - Owner , an independent affiliate of:

Swansea, Ilinois

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Coaching Process:

I began working with Allen in June 2010.  I needed help with balancing my life.  I was investing too much time into my business and not enough in my personal life.  I am a workaholic.  I had an understanding of what a coach could do, but was so surprised at how much extra value I have received from Coach Allen.  The value I have received from meeting with him and participating in his coach process has far exceeded the payments made to him.  He has been an invaluable tool in expanding my business and gaining control of my business.  With Allen’s help, I have been able to grow in my business; personally freeing more of my time to invest in my family; and eliminating clutter from my life.

Talent Management - DISC Behavior and Motivators Assessment:

I was hesitant when Coach Allen approached me about having a behavior analysis performed on me and my staff.  I thought it was just another Myers-Briggs test that I had used in the past, but I was really surprised at what I learned about myself, my staff, and my wife (I thought it would be invaluable once I took the assessment to have my wife profiled).  It is absolutely funny how my wife and my simple disagreements were attributable to our behaviors and values.  After taking this analysis, participating in the relationship seminar Coach Allen had with my firm, it is amazing the impact it had on moral at work and with communication at home with my wife.  We all finally clicked.  For the first time, we all understood where we were coming from and why we react the way we do.  The service Coach Allen provides is an invaluable tool for any company and I will not make a hiring decision without it again.

Todd W. Sivia

Sivia Business & Legal Services, P.C.
217 South Main Street
Edwardsville, Illinois 62025
(618) 659-4499
(618) 659-4027 (fax)

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When you're taking your business to the next level, you must be honest with yourself regarding your strengths and weaknesses. I'm a hard worker but I knew I needed training with discipline of words and thoughts. I didn't know what to expect, but Coach Allen’s Coaching is what I needed! It helped me eliminate the clutter in my business BIG TIME!  In addition, he has a special way of motivating the willing. Coach Allen will provide you the tools necessary to empower you and to help you live the life you deserve!


Michael R. Bishop

Minuteman Press