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Executive Coaching

All professional athletes have professional coaches and/or trainers as well as all amateur and professional sports teams.  Most people would not want to attend a professional sporting event if one of the participating teams had decided to try to play without a coaching staff.  In today's fast-changing world, more and more executives are discovering the value of having a professional coach for their own professional growth and development.

Our program is custom-designed for each individual and starts with a personal interview.  Additionally, a series of executive assessments is typically part of the coaching process.  The purpose of the assessments are to determine the individuals greatest natural strengths and their areas of potential weakness in order to identify the specific developmental needs and the best order to address those needs. Additionally, the assessments are used to benchmark the skills, strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the coaching process so that the person's progress can be measured.

Coaching sessions can be in-person, over the phone or some combination thereof.  Assignments may be given in between sessions as part of the client's professional development.  Executive coaching agreements are set-up for a minimum of six (6) months.

Coaching is about many things.  However, principally it is about change.  It is about developing emotional intelligence and conscious awareness.  Coaching addresses the whole person, not just the role of the person or business issues.  The process is diverse and expansive.  It can covery a breadth of issues, such as dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing growth, personal communication and impact as well as building the vision and plan against a life's dream and goal.

Is summary, coaching is about the marriage of a person's potential with performance.  The context is to allow people to learn rather than teach.

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